Message from the Dean

deanpicture.jpg Liberal Studies is committed to preparing students for a future that is global, dynamic, and interconnected.

Through the Core Program and the Global Liberal Studies Bachelor of Arts, we provide the best features of a small liberal arts college experience while giving students access to the range and depth of resources at the world’s first global network university.

The Liberal Studies curriculum combines tradition and innovation. So too our pedagogy combines what is perhaps the oldest and most successful teaching environment – the small seminar – with innovative technologies that, together, produce active, dynamic, life-long learners.

Our core general education sequence emphasizes the Great Works of many world cultures from antiquity to yesterday, but the goal is to give students a foundation that equips them to engage the challenges and issues of the contemporary world. Anchored in cultural capitals on five continents, we give students the knowledge, skills, and tools to thrive in a global environment that transcends linguistic, cultural, and geographical boundaries. Working closely with our teaching faculty inside and outside the classroom, our students gain the intellectual tools and lived experience that help them succeed in a variety of cultural contexts. Students participate actively in a nurturing academic community that emphasizes the opportunities for discussion, debate, growth – and connection – that are central to richly rewarding professional and academic lives after NYU.

Our students:
  • Learn through small, discussion-based classes that emphasize research, analysis, and writing;
  • Know, understand, and reflect critically on the global great works in relation to the contemporary world;
  • Embrace learning inside and outside the classroom through co-curricular activities, experiential learning, and independent research; and
  • Study in the world’s great cultural capitals and dynamic urban centers.
Together, our faculty, staff, and students are redefining the liberal arts tradition for the Twenty-First Century. I invite you to join us in this exciting project and to become part of our unique global community.

With all best wishes,


Fred Schwarzbach
Dean, Liberal Studies

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